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Summer Board Meeting

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is sitting next to me on her home computer working on the PowerPoint for the Summer Board Meeting for tonight. She was doing that until the wee hours last night, too...

I've helped out by finding some photos. That's really all I've done, though. I didn't help out much last time around, either. She's great at PowerPoint and really doesn't need my help...

When the PowerPoint is done, we'll be heading in to the office. From there we'll go downtown to the meeting (which is thankfully inside). We'll park in the underground parking, which will be good for our poor old car (which doesn't like all this heat). Then after we'll walk across the street to the new building for the barbeque.

My number this morning was 121, which is good (though not as good yesterday morning -- but we ate very late last night).

I'll try to blog again after it's all over...

Tags: 2009, car, festival, hot, july-2009, marilyn, summer-board-meeting, weather, work

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