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Another Busy Day -- A Trip to the Dentist

I spent ages trying to create an Excel document to keep track of my daily readings. I just couldn't get it quite the way I wanted it. I finally managed, though...

The cats went outside with me this morning while I watered the flowers. With all this weather over 100 degrees, we don't want our poor plants to suffer.

Shannon phoned this morning and had a cancellation -- she wanted me to come in early. I told her that Marilyn mistressmarilyn had meetings all day long, but had cleared her schedule to take me to my afternoon appointment, so that was when I was coming in. She seemed annoyed by my response, but I was firm. It wasn't like I was hopping my bike to ride in on a day as hot as this one! As it was, our poor car almost over-heated sitting in the sun outside the office during my actual appointment. We had to bring it home and open the door from the garage into the house to let cool air reach it...

My actual dental appointment was at 1:00 p.m. Marilyn told me to take a Vicodin before I went in, which I'm glad I did.

I asked Mary (my dentist) to go easy on the Novocaine (as I often do). I didn't want to be terribly numb after. She gave me a couple of shots and then started to work. I was in so much pain she had to give me numerous shots to be able to work. Mary did say I was probably more sensitive because of the diabetes. Plus the filling that needed replacing was in a wisdom tooth, and really deep. (She had to drill it deeper, too, and it was a bitch. No doubt about it.)

Marilyn is WONDERFUL to me. I seriously can't say enough about how great she's been. I'm so blessed to have her.

Well, I waited until late to do the garbage and recycling, because of the heat. I took a long nap in the afternoon, thankfully.

Marilyn and I need to work on the PowerPoint for the Summer Board Meeting tomorrow night. The meeting is being held inside, but after that we're having a barbeque OUTSIDE (!!!) at the new building -- which considering the heat should prove interesting!

Poor Rich is the cook. I don't envy him that job.

Well, I need to get to work. I'm in pain, but Mary said I would be for a couple of days. I'm just amazed that even a whole Vicodin doesn't knock it down. Normally I only take half a pill...

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