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Beach? Again? Yep.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I drove down to Seaside with sister Sue suzy_qp (in her car) today. We got there about ten to four -- just in time to play Coverall Fascination! (grin)

Other than that? We got some food items at Freddies to make sure I have something in the morning to eat when taking my meds (an essential thing).

We've also been playing "Escape Rosecliff Island" (earlier today and just now). It's so much fun!

Marilyn and I are still recovering from last week (all the work and so little sleep). We're pretty tired still, so I think a nap might be in order.

We need to get our manicures (fills) -- and to tan. So we'll probably do that tomorrow.

And we'd like to see the Harry Potter movie again at some point...

It's lovely having Mondays off, I have to say. We did do festival work yesterday -- and TONS last week -- so I feel like we've especially earned our Monday this time! (smile)

It's really hot here, and supposed to get hotter yet. Our air conditioning is such a blessing...

Tags: 2009, fascination, food, harry-potter, hog, july-2009, marilyn, medicine, movie, seaside, shopping, sister-sue, work

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