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Quiet Saturday.

I slept in, but did get up to take my meds (which should be taken close to the same time every day). Marilyn mistressmarilyn got up earlier than I did (no surprise) and did the watering -- she's so good about that.

We survived yesterday. I think we left around 7:30 (???) last night. Not as early as we'd hoped, but compared to the previous two nights, it was good. We got all five of Marilyn's submissions done, anyway -- with help from Kristen! Mandy and Adam were still working when we took off, so I've no clue how much longer they worked on the final submission.

Marilyn and I went back in today to mail the final package to IFEA. We went to the local Fed-Ex and were told it would be there on time for the Monday deadline.

Then we went back to the building to water the roses. We left the hose running while we ran to Starbucks. Marilyn went to the bank to get some $$$ while I ran over and finished the watering.

We got home in plenty of time, as Ed was coming over at 1:00 p.m. to take Marilyn for a ride to the beach.

I've been lazing around and watching TV. I watched "Step Brothers," which was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Even the funny moments were ghastly, in my opinion. (To tell you the truth, I'm surprised it got so many positive reviews at RottenTomatoes.Com, but as I watched the whole thing without turning it off, I guess that's not so hard to get.) And don't get me wrong, I do like Will Ferrell and think he's an amazing talent.

I can't motivate myself to do anything else. Not even to pick up a book and read. I'm tired and lazy and planning to lie back on the sofa in the living room and probably nap.

There's plenty to do around the house, though. I could be working on laundry or cleaning. And I have festival work to do, too. But I don't feel like it. So I think this might be an entirely unproductive day. Good deal! (grin)

I ate a nice six inch Subway sandwich -- tuna on oat, with mustard, pickles, tomatoes and black olives. It only cost $3.25, which I think is a great deal! (I picked it up while we were at Starbucks, as it's directly across the parking lot.)

I took half a Vicodin for the dental pain. I took two half pills yesterday, too. Eating bothers it, as does brushing my teeth, but I can deal with the pain most of the time just fine. My pharmacist counseled about the med, and started in about how many pills I could take in a day. Personally, I can't imagine taking more than a pill and a half (one half pill per meal) at this point. I suppose the pain could get worse, but hopefully it won't between now and next Wednesday (my appointment to get it fixed).

Speaking of pain, Mary saw me for less than 15 minutes this past Wednesday. The bill came today and was $41.50 (!!!): $32.00 for 'Limited oral evaluation,' and $9.50 for 'Intraoral-periapical-1st film.' So I guess she gets $32.00 a quarter hour, huh? Must be nice! Seriously, she barely looked in my mouth and spoke with me, aside from doing the x-rays (film). I can only IMAGINE what small fortune the actual work will cost. And with no dental coverage, this is why I can't afford to go. Mary's more reasonable than most, but still...

Lately it seems like everything costs money -- and we've got less and less of it. Not complaining, as we always seem to have what we want -- not just what we need. We're so blessed. I'm not going to start in on money, because everybody is dealing with it now -- and it's just a fact of life. Marilyn needs to see a dentist, too, regardless of cost. But I personally draw the line on procedures that cost a thousand dollars or more. You can't get blood from a stone.

This has become a downer, so I'm quitting for now. I feel like going back to lazing and TV watching...

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