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Quick Fic-related (kind of) Update!

I just wanted to reflect here on how different it is 'playing' here at LiveJournal compared to 'playing' at Yahoo! groups...

Frankly, it's pretty much a waste of time to bother posting fic here, communities or no. I'm not even sure why I take the time and trouble. Unlike at Yahoo! groups, there's little to no response -- good or bad -- to the fic shared...

This isn't a gripe, but merely an observation. I feel there are both good and bad elements of what I see as two major online 'communities' (not in the LJ community sense, by the way).

I started out active at Yahoo! groups and am glad I did. When I first came online my major interests were all fic-based, so it was good to be in the better fic-related part of online then.

While Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been off on medical leave, we've both become far more active over at Yahoo! groups again.

And accordingly, I've been far less active here at LJ! LOL.

Well, something's gotta give (as the old song goes)...

I still try to get in and do moderation duties at some of my (tons of) communities, anyway...

I credit LJ with getting me started with my interest in web graphics. I'm not sure I personally would have even purchased Paint Shop Pro in the first place if I hadn't been active at LJ...

LJ is a far more visual experience/community than Yahoo! groups. Yahoo! groups has a better forum for the sharing of fanfic, though.

Yes, I'm probably somewhat feedback driven, just as everyone who posts fic online is. (Go ahead, deny it. I've denied it myself on occasion... LOL.) Not outrageously so, but even so...

Feedback at LJ is pretty close to nil, in my experience. By comparison, feedback at Yahoo! groups can be hefty!

Oh. And I've almost never received website-generated feedback to date.

But, interestingly enough (smile), Marilyn and I really don't care about feedback when it comes to our site! Seriously. We're more about our personal enjoyment there, believe it or not.

So why bother to have a website? It's mostly for us, in all honesty. We both love to go there and see our own fic in one easy-to-see location--as opposed to stuck away in file cabinets (etc.) here at home.

And we both love the banners. They really add to the fic for us. (In fact, we're all over them! I have a slew I need to do now, seeing as we've just added several 'new' fics to our site.)

I'm still always after Marilyn to put her fic here on LJ, though I've no clue really why I care so much. ROFL. I don't think a single LJ-active person has ever contacted her about her work based on seeing it anywhere at LJ. So why don't I just quit bugging her? She's perfectly happy posting it to a couple of Yahoo! groups here and there--and to doing her own coding so we can put it up at our website! (grin)

I guess when it comes to her, I just feel others miss out not to be exposed to her work. She's honestly one of the finest fiction writers I've read in my life--and I'm including professional writers when I say that.

I'm also picky as hell about what I read. That doesn't mean I won't read things that aren't really well written--but I know the difference between good writing and bad, trust me on that one!

In fact, the teacher in me often cringes while reading. I so want to turn my hand to explaining how work could be improved! Especially when I see really promising writers who have the potential to be quite good (or even great).

I don't believe I'm a great writer by a long shot. But I know I'm a good one and make no bones about it! It tooks years of very hard work to get where I currently am as a writer, so why pretend I don't know my own abilities and talent? That would be ridiculous as far as I'm concerned...

It was driven home for me just yesterday and today how much I've improved in recent years, really, as I was proofing and correcting some of my work from the mid-90's. I have to laugh at how bad I really was...

Eventually Marilyn and I want to put all our fic online, however old and however bad it might be. Again, more for ourselves than anyone else.

Let's talk about terrible here (in my case)! How I ever even ended up continuing to write is sometimes beyond me, really. I could barely string sentences together in the beginning of our trek into fandom and fanfic writing!

Well, reflection over!

I'm currently delighted over my fic banners. Not perfect by any means, but pleasing, anyway.

Our website is also a place for me to put some of my other non-banner art. (I used to be pretty serious about my art when I was younger. I painted and drew and tried many mediums. I was also 'crafty'--as Marilyn likes to call it. In the 'arts and crafts' style, that is.)

I love online. I really do. So many places and so many ways to PLAY.

It's good fun meeting others from around the world, too. (I'm very much a people-person. LOL.)

Back to hunting up older fics to code! (Busy, busy.)

On another note, Marilyn returns to work tomorrow! Times flies when you're having fun...

I can't believe how much work she did here at home during that medical leave!

She's in the middle of another fic as we speak. (I'm delighted, seeing as I love her work so much...)

Oh! And I've been writing on a very smutty "Troy" fic myself, that I think will be a series. I had the first part nearly done the day before yesterday, so I should get back to it... LOL.

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