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Busy Day? Dentist, Creating DVDs and Festival (in that order).

I'm tired, but up. I have a busy day facing me...

As annoying as it is to go to the dentist, I'm looking forward to it. I've had pain since losing my filling, so it will be nice to get that fixed and be out of pain. Don't get me wrong here: I have a high pain threshold and told Mary (my dentist) that I'd be fine until today. I haven't whined about the pain (except a little to Marilyn mistressmarilyn), and most people around me have no idea there's even a dental issue going on in my life. (I'm not big on whiners, just for the record. And that includes ME! Which is not to say that I won't joke around about issues in my life, but I don't consider that whining...)

Once I'm done at the dentist, I need to make several DVDs that we're going to be submitting with various Pinnacle Award submissions. Marilyn played the tape last night and made me a list, so I'll use our converter to create them. This is far from an easy process, but Marilyn and I make a good team when it comes to this. (She was commenting last night on how she gets no credit for this thankless task, which is true. She takes the time to DVR things, then transfer them to tape so they can be made into DVDs, but it seems to go by without notice by staff and board members. In fact, I think there's an EXPECTATION that we'll automatically do this now. And just doing the original recording is TOUGH when you're in the middle of festival with lots of other work to do! I wonder what it's like to be Marilyn and do so many important things, yet have so much of it taken for granted... It's certainly not fair to her.)

Anyway, I've got our cheap little VHS to DVD converter that we bought ages ago -- and that isn't all that powerful a machine. It generally takes several tries to get a DVD, so I'll be at it for at least a couple of hours, I'm sure. (I do try to remember to make the festival pay for the DVDs, as it can get rather expensive for us if I don't!)

Then we hope she can run home to get me so we can go tan -- which we've failed to do for ages now. I still haven't got a base tan this summer, so we need to try a little harder, I guess.

After that we'll be heading back to the office. We've got TONS of work to do there, so I expect we'll be really late again (like last night). In fact, this will be the final day we can really work on submissions, so we could be even later than yesterday.

By the way, I'm totally okay with that! It's super important to us to do a GREAT job on our submissions for these awards, as winning them is so meaningful for us. (I know I go on and on about the Gold award for the eNewsletter and the Silver award for the website from 2008, but frankly, it's a very big deal. And I couldn't begin to list all the awards Marilyn is personally responsible for over the years -- or the huge list of Pinnacle awards the festival has won since first entering submissions.) Special Events is an amazing industry to belong to, as is the world of non-profits. I'm fascinated all the time by what we do. While it may be stressful, it's NEVER dull! (smile)

The work we do is important, special and meaningful. How many people can say that about what they do? We never forget for a second how lucky we are to be working for the festival, believe me.

I helped proof the entry for our Memorial Day event yesterday ('Best New Event') -- though Marilyn had to cut it nearly in half after that, as it exceeded the size limitations. Laura's original version was four pages, but Peter had beefed that up way past what they allow. (Peter's issue with writing is that he always goes too long.) I liked helping Marilyn out and making suggestions about the work. I've even offered to do one of the submissions today, if she gets too maxed out to tackle it herself. We'll see what happens.

My personal task today is to create some special covers for the submissions. Marilyn knows what wins -- and one of the things that helps is clever and artistic covers -- something I'm good at. I like this work (surprise!), so I'm looking forward to it.

Yesterday I had to deal with TechSoup -- and ordering our antivirus software for the office. What a pain! I was trying to get something else we need, too, but it was denied by Microsoft (surprise!). The process couldn't certainly be easier, but at least I got the order done. Now I need to get Kent to come in for the install (it's Server-side) -- but that's probably a week and a half out at this point (and maybe longer).

I'd better go jump in the tub before sister Sue suzy_qp gets here!

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