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Long Day (And Results From the Doctor).

We left work at 10:30 p.m. -- and raced to the grocery store (Freddie's ) to get kitty litter! (It's garbage night and I need to clean the cat boxes...) We got there at ten to 11:00 (closing) and got a loaf of rye bread and the kitty litter.

I just made baby chicken (as in 'small') sandwiches. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is eating her sandwich while playing a game of Zuma! (grin)

We were so busy at work we could have stayed the entire night, but we finally threw in the towel. Marilyn has tons of Pinnacle entry stuff to work on -- as do I, actually (cover art for stuff in my case). I did pick the three eNewsletters I wanted to enter for this year and printed them out. It's not that simple to get them to print out WITH the background colors (!!!), but I didn't pick all those special colors not to have them show up in the print-outs.

I still think it's ridiculous to judge an eNewsletter in a printed format, but whatever. That's what they ask for, so that's what they'll get.

I had so many to pick from that it was difficult to narrow it down, to be honest. I showed both Marilyn and Ron who agreed I'd picked the best three.

So why was Ron there late at night? He rushed down when I phoned him to come and check the color printer that was jamming like mad. (It turned out we were just using it too much and it was over-heating. Ron set up a couple of fans to cool it.)

Then he fixed an application on my new laptop. (I needed a codex, which is Greek to me!) I love that man! I've missed him, as he's been tied up with his kids since school ended. I'm really looking forward to having him work on my computer on Friday.

As for the start of my day, I got my results from the doctor -- and Marilyn was right (of course), I am diabetic.

Having known it was a possibility -- and with so many other things it might have been -- I'm not freaked out at all. I firmly believe I can not only control it, but that I can reverse it. After all, I've already been changing things recently, eating better, getting more sleep and exercise. I've lost weight and have been feeling STRONGER and healthier in so many ways.

The doctor insisted on giving me a shot of insulin (!!!) while I was there, even though he's actually putting me on two oral medications and sending me to classes (Marilyn's going to come along). I had to go home and eat something, which I could barely force down. Then we went to get the meds and I was suddenly very hungry. We picked up some things and I took them with me as we headed to work.

I had some very negative experiences during the day that were clearly connected to the insulin. But hopefully that will be my first and LAST shot.

July 23, 2009 (Thursday) 1:11 am

So I've now started the garbage and recycling. I'm about half done.

We watered the outdoor plants when we got home, as it was another hot day. The poor cats were going crazy -- and their food dishes were EMPTY. Not a good thing.

We're both tired, but all-in-all it was a good and productive day. I'm having great fun with my new laptop, even if I haven't had much time to spend on it.

Rich took me for a lovely (if short) ride in his new car!!! I'm so happy for him that he found something he really loves. We had a short meeting about him taking over responsibility for photo requests, which will take a big task off my plate. He really wanted to do it, so I'm fine with that.

We need to go tan tomorrow. And Marilyn will probably come home to get me at some point (after my dental appointment) so I can help her with Pinnacle Award entries. They have to be ready to mail on Friday, so we'll work until they're done.

Tonight I figured out how to OVER-RIDE the settings for air conditioning in the festival building. I should have done that AGES ago! After 5:00 it goes off and the building gets very, very hot. (sigh) We'll be doing that much more often, I suspect.

I need to go finish up and head to bed. I'm worn out.

Marilyn was wonderful with me all day long. She's simply the best. I'm so lucky to have her. (She just came to ask how she could help me -- a perfect example of how great she is...)

And as we drove home, we were talking about how good it feels to be at the office. I love coming in there. And we think that everyone is so positive and upbeat these days! We're lucky to work where we do -- no doubt about it.

Plus I LOVE the people we work with. I sincerely do.

Life is good.

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