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Laptop Update!

I'm now using my laptop in the family room downstairs! And I'm connected to the internet via our router in the upstairs office. Yeah, yeah, I get that this is really no big deal, but it seems like one right now! I am so loving this.

It was a busy (and stressful) day, but an exciting one, too!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is watching some show on TV ("Haunted History") that's featuring some local ghosts ("Haunted Northwest"). Interesting!

As I'm enjoying my new (and inexpensive) laptop, I have to wonder WHY I waited so long to get one... Who knew I could get one this cool for so little $$$?

It's seriously nap time. And I have to see the doctor tomorrow. (sigh) Not looking forward to it, but it would be nice to know what's going on with me -- assuming he knows. And I'll be glad to get some dental done on Thursday, too.

Ron is coming Friday to work on my desktop computer. I can't wait to see him -- it's been ages! Ron is such a good guy. And I'll love getting my desktop in better shape, considering how much I use the poor old thing.

Tags: 2009, computer, july-2009, laptop, mable, marilyn, nap, ron-computers, tv

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