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New HOGs (Hidden Object Games)!!!

After midnight last night, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I tried to go to PopCap games to find the most recent HOG (hidden object game) -- the P.I. one, that is. But we were unsuccessful.

Naturally, we weren't about to give up that easily!

So we went to SpinTop-Games.Com, instead. While there, were not only found the game we were looking for, but we also found a John Dillinger HOG, too (Amazing Heists - Dillinger). We downloaded the free trials to try them out, and I have to tell you that the Dillinger game is really entertaining (and amusing, considering). And Mystery P.I. - Lost in Los Angeles is everything we LOVE in a HOG! (smile)

As for our issue with the backed-up utility room sinks (sigh), I was up in the middle of the night bailing them out -- just to be safe. I called our plumber this morning, and we have an appointment (between 12:00 noon and 2:00) tomorrow.

Clearly I needed to stay home from work tomorrow, anyway, as it looks like my new laptop (mentioned HERE) is due to be delivered tomorrow. Originally I'd planned to be at work on Tuesday, but that's cool...

It appears my other delivery (the two hard drives) will be delivered on Wednesday, which is a pain in light of my noon doctor appointment. It figures. Hopefully the appointment won't take that long and I'll be here when the delivery is made. (There's also an outside chance it might come tomorrow, too...)

We're anxious to go see "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" again. I've heard others say they didn't like the movie, but both Marilyn and I loved it -- and think it's the best Harry Potter movie to date. Marilyn's read more than a dozen reviews so far, and says it's getting amazing reviews, even by people who are normally hard to sell on any movie. I haven't kept up on why some people seem to dislike it, but all I can say is it comes down to a question of taste. I've heard some pretty negative (and harsh) descriptions of the film, but whatever. This is one time I agree with the critics. (And, yet again, I like so much of it BETTER than the novel.)

Right now Marilyn is sitting beside me playing Zuma (surprise!). She had a shower and washed her hair, while I had a nice soak in a hot tub. (We're so blessed to have plenty of hot water for both of us every day.)

In sad news, we appear to have a major leak in our outdoor fountain! Admittedly it's old. We got it while Mom was still alive (I don't remember what year -- but obviously long before I blogged), and she died in 2000. So it's probably ten years old. It's far too heavy to move, so it sits outside every winter. This past winter we had a lot of cold weather (including snow and hail), so it's possible it froze. I didn't cover it as usual (my bad), so it might have filled with water and frozen, which can cause cracks. We can't see a leak (so far), so we're still checking it out. We'd love to try and patch it, but if we can't then we'll just fill and run it when we're outside. It lasts long enough to still enjoy, anyway.

We'll want to replace both the fountain and swing at some point, but we really can't afford to this year. It's okay. The current focus is certainly whatever is up with the plumbing, anyway! The water is BROWN and nasty (though it doesn't have an odor, thankfully -- so it's probably not from the sewer), and we can't determine what's causing it -- though we suspect it's tied to the sprinkler system and watering the back lawn (we let the front and sides go dormant and don't water them). I hope the plumber isn't too expensive...

We've been talking about having hotdogs, but I don't know if we will or not. We don't have them in the house, so we'd need to go shopping to get them. Whatever. We do have plenty to eat around here.

Well, I'm off to do summer-type things! I love summer so much!!!

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