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Lazy Sunday.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been just a little under the weather for a few days. She had a sore throat and felt punk on Thursday, then felt pretty lousy on Friday (which didn't keep her from working until 8:00 p.m. without a break -- on very intense projects), too. We probably should have stayed home so she could take it easy yesterday, but of course we didn't. We went for Starbucks, then took a ride.

On the way home we stopped to shop at Costco -- supposedly just to get burgers (that we can only buy there). But we ended up getting other things, of course. We got cherries, apples and blackberries (I'd like to use some to try out my new juicer that I mentioned HERE). And Marilyn got some new shoes (that she really needed) and socks for tennis -- a good thing.

Oh. And I got sponges. I HATE to buy those anywhere but Costco, they cost so much...

It was a hot day, so I'm sure that didn't help Marilyn, either. Anyway, she got cramps and so on last night. She was awake part of the night, anyway. (And I was up and down with her.) So we both slept late today.

She wanted to do something 'fun,' as we know we're going to have to deal with the plumber tomorrow (sigh) -- so we'll have to be home. So we talked about taking a ride with sister Sue suzy_qp. But she decided she didn't want to end up out someone and suddenly feel really ill again (like last night), so we stayed home.

Today we've both been playing "Escape Rosecliff Island," which is a HOGs -- hidden object game. (I've mentioned it several times before.) We're EXCITED, because the brand new HOG comes out tomorrow (July 20)! We can't WAIT to get it! (By the way, the linked review is pretty harsh. I wouldn't agree at all. But maybe that's just me. The above version has been our fave HOG to date...)

If you've never tried a HOG, I'd recommend you download a trial and see what it's like. These are GREAT FUN to play! We've spent so many hours being entertained by one version or another...

And, of course, there's always our fave game! We've been playing Zuma, too.

We had burgers (sans buns) with Tillamook cheese and fresh sliced tomato. Plus the added treat of onion rings to put on top! The side dishes were golden hominy (which we've always loved), cottage cheese and burgundy italian olives (which we've never had before -- interesting taste). A great meal!

We'll probably have ice cream and fruit later...

I did invite Sue to come over and eat with us, but she declined (she already eaten and doesn't 'do' burgers well since her surgery).

Marilyn is currently resting downstairs, and I was doing some actual work (very little, though). I've also been playing the above-mentioned HOG, while watching TV.

A totally lazy and laid-back day, all in all! (I do hope Marilyn is feeling much better soon, of course...)

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