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Firefox Alert!

I'm assuming that like me, quite a few of my LiveJournal Friends use Firefox. Anyway, if you DO, then you may have recently upgraded to Firefox 3.5. If so, you really need to go and upgrade yet again, to Firefox 3.5.1.

After my own upgrade, I started to have issues when using Firefox. As a huge Firefox fan, this surprised me more than a little! The browser was REALLY SLOW to open. Plus, when right-clicking there was NO OPTION to Copy Image (which I use all the time, frankly).

I was bothered enough to join the Forum at the official Mozilla Firefox so I could add my voice to that of many others listing the bugs we were experiencing...

Anyway, they've issued Firefox 3.5.1, so click this link and go download the latest version!!!

What's New in Firefox 3.5.1

Firefox 3.5.1 fixes the following issues:

  • Several security issues
  • Several stability issues
  • An issue that was making Firefox take a long time to load on some Windows systems
I'm happy to report that Firefox is loading as fast as ever (faster!) -- and I can once again use (the all-important) right-click > Copy Image (woo hoo)

Anyway, Firefox is still tops in my book (and they generally have the highest ranking of all browsers, by the way).
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