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Hair? Yep.

I colored my hair today. It was actually BAD timing, as I was doing it when Marilyn mistressmarilyn got home from work -- and she's had a sore throat and been pretty allergic, so...

I got a call from the woman who might hire cousin Linda yesterday, looking for a reference. Linda took care of our mother the last years of her life, up until she died. (Linda was a Licensed Vocational Nurse at one point in her life.) This would be a good deal for Linda, as it's a live-in position, so beside her salary, she'd get room and board. (Linda is currently living in a shelter, so this would be ideal.)

Anyway, Linda phoned me today and it looks like she'll probably get the job, assuming she really wants it. She's supposed to go tomorrow to see the routine of care and check out the woman, her husband (who needs care) and their home. I'm certainly wishing the best for her!

I also (finally!!!) ordered the new hard drives for my home desktop PC that I'm going to have Ron install. I wish I'd done that before! They're going to take longer to arrive than my laptop, believe it or not. I'm getting them through NewEgg.Com, using the LINK RON SENT me. That will mean I'll have two 320 gig hard drives (I have a dual hard drive system). Currently my C: drive (system drive) is 40 gigs, and my D: drive (data drive) is 80 gigs -- so you can see the improvement we're talking about!

I really can't wait to get this work done. I've got applications I can't even load right now, because I'm so maxed out...

I did speak to Hector today -- and told him I didn't like to complain, but I had some concerns. He was nice and told me the guys would be here TODAY, which they were. And they really worked their butts off, too, which I was glad to see.

And Marilyn got the pump back into the fountain (harder than hell to do), so we've finally got it working! All I need to do is put the table cloth on the outside table -- then put my rock garden back again (it had to be picked up to do the fence, and is just a total mess). Maybe I can tackle those things tomorrow.

The flowers are already doing well and the yard really looks nice! Yes, photos to follow at some point when it's all done.

Well, it's heading toward 11:00 p.m. and both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are beat (and didn't have our usual nap). So I suspect we should be off to bed soon!

Did I mention here that my current medicine has just slews of side effects? I've been noticing a few of those, I'm afraid. (sigh) Oh well. Hopefully this will fix me. (Three more days to go...)

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