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Blood Work? I Guess the Results Were Bad...

My doctor's assistant phoned to say the doctor wanted me to come in to discuss the results of my blood work.

Originally they told me I'd get the results by mail.

So obviously this means there's a problem of some kind. We've been discussing the possibility of me being diabetic for ages now. (Both Mom and Dad were -- and sister Sue suzy_qp was before losing weight after her surgery, so it's reasonable to think about.) I had a cholesterol issue several years ago with a different doctor. The results were borderline, but he sent me the news that he wanted me on meds via the mail, with no discussion of alternatives. I'm anxious NOT to go on cholesterol meds unless I really have to, having seen many people do that and end up on the meds for the rest of their lives.

I had a kidney test (in 2003) after my surgery. And I saw a gastroenterology specialist (as mentioned HERE) about my liver (in 2007). So who knows? It could be one of those, too.

I've never really had an issue with high blood pressure, so I'm guessing that's not it, anyway...

I hate trying to guess, but it's difficult NOT to. (sigh) Marilyn had me try to call my doctor, but he doesn't like talking to patients on the phone. Both of my sisters want to go to the appointment with me, so obviously they're worried.

The appointment is next Wednesday (July 22), at 11:00 a.m.

I suspect if it was really bad he'd have asked me to come in right away, so I'm not going to get worked up about it. Besides, even if it is bad, getting upset won't help. We all have a limited amount of time here in this life, and I've been ready to go for years. I don't want to go yet, but I'm ready (if you follow me). God's will, anyway...

The funny thing?

Except for this stupid infection (whatever), I don't feel bad at all. I've been active and stronger recently than in YEARS. So I don't know what to think.

But I guess it's always better to know what's happening than NOT to know, so that's a good thing. If there's something wrong that I can work on, then I need to get busy trying to fix it. I can always get more exercise, eat even more healthy foods and lose more weight, for one thing. So I guess we'll see!

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