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Visit to the Doctor and Yard Work

I worked in the yard this morning after getting up just a tiny bit later than usual (midnight movie or no). I was using my new branch cutters in the extended mode -- awesome, I have to say! I cut a number of branches off the tree in the front yard, near the garage, then went out back to start cutting there, too.

One heavy branch fell down and poked my leg, making me bleed -- but it was no big deal, really.

Then sister Sue suzy_qp came to take me to my noon appointment with Dr. Stevens. (Some might recall that I last saw the doctor on June 10, as mentioned HERE.) It was an interesting visit, discovering that the lab gave him the wrong info last time, so he treated me for a yeast infection that I didn't have (!!!). The issue is an infection (bacteria), so he gave me Metronidazole, which must be inserted twice daily for five days. Lovely. Well, if it helps I'll be delighted -- and it would be nice not to have to go running back again in five weeks (it was exactly five weeks Wednesday since I saw him last).

I also had to get a tetanus shot, as it's been years since my last one. The minute he saw the poke on my leg and heard how I got it, he was all over the tetanus shot... No big deal, as I have no fear of needles.

Good thing, as I asked about getting the blood work done today (I'd fasted on purpose, just in case), so I could avoid coming back on Friday (for the lab appointment). The lab woman was sweet, but couldn't seem to get a decent vein. First she tried my right arm (in the crook, like usual). Then she tried a vein in the bicep of my left arm. Finally, she used the back of my left hand (keep in mind that I'm left-handed), taking several vials. I'll get the results via mail (according to her) in a few days. I'm (badly) bruised in both spots on my left arm, and both spots are painful, too. Odd, but I'll live. (That was NOTHING to the exam Dr. Stevens had to do, which was MISERABLE. Thankfully I have a very high pain threshold.)

On a good note, I lost another five pounds since my last visit to the doctor.

After, Sue and I went for Starbucks, as it takes an hour for faxed meds to get to the pharmacy. Even then, they didn't have it ready when I got there. So it was almost 2:30 by the time I finally got home (and could take a 'dose' of my medicine).

Then I worked until 3:30 cutting more branches (mostly in the back yard this time). I had two really large piles of branches out back (I need to share photos). I stopped because of the heat (today was a hot one), and because I figured five piles of branches was enough to have my yard people haul off at one time.

Speaking of my yard people, they haven't been for two weeks now. The first missed week was when we were getting the painting done (at my request, in other words). According to Hector's wife Sandy (I talked to her today), the second missed week was a screw-up. She told me they'd be here today (well, Wednesday), but they never showed up. I tried to phone her more than once this evening, but she doesn't answer that line after 5:00 or 6:00 -- and the voice mailbox was FULL again (which seems to happen all the time). I'm a bit BURNED, but hopefully she'll make sure they come tomorrow!

The whole idea of me cutting those branches today was to have them there for hauling when the guys came. I did hours of work, so it's annoying when they miss our normal appointment. ESPECIALLY when I phoned Sandy to be sure they got here this week! All I know is they can't wait until next week! I couldn't run my sprinkler tonight because of the piles of branches... (sigh)

I love Sandy and Hector, but we're not all that happy with our service, currently. And it's expensive, so I'd like to feel better about the whole thing. I've had several offers of new services, but I'd like to stay with Hector if possible. We've had him for years and I really love him and Sandy on a personal level. His crew? Not so much. I was out earlier taking photos of the things they HAVEN'T DONE that's supposed to be taken care of. Frustrating. (sigh)

While out this morning my neighbor Jim walked over to talk. He said he'd been to the doctor Tuesday and his pace-maker is working great. He looked good and said he felt good, too. And the car is fine after the accident.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a meeting with one of our city commissioners today, which went well. But she was in super-heavy traffic coming home -- and it took ages! When she shut off the car, something (???) kept running for around half an hour. We figure it was some internal fan trying to cool the hot engine, but we know nothing about cars, so... (We put the hood up and left a door open to help cool things done. That's the full extent of what we could reason out.) Hopefully the car will be fine tomorrow!

I did most of my garbage and recycling in the afternoon, but finished up after midnight (as usual). I was trying NOT to do that for a change, but we took much-needed naps directly after dinner. I totally conked out and didn't wake until midnight.

Marilyn and I can't wait to go see both the Harry Potter movie and "Public Enemies" again! I love summer and good summer movies, I must admit.

Well, I guess it's time for bed. It's been another busy day -- and tomorrow morning will be here before you know it...

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