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"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" -- Midnight Movie!

Midnight movie tonight!!!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Jessica pb_n_jam and I can't wait to see "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" -- it's about time! (Don't get me started on the delay from last year!)

We couldn't talk ANYONE from work into going. Laura and Logan might go (???), though, which would be AWESOME! (And sister Sue suzy_qp wasn't into it at all.)

All midnight movies are fun, but some are moreso. (smile)

We got home from work well before 6:00 p.m. today, believe it or not! And Marilyn's 7:30 a.m. meeting for tomorrow morning postponed. (She always seems to have those after going to midnight movies...)

Unfortunately, Peter is in the hospital having heart-related tests from an incident this past weekend. That's why the meeting isn't happening. I hope Peter is okay (prayers and good thoughts for my friend are appreciated).

In other news...

I have to go to the doctor (yes, again) tomorrow at noon. The infection is BACK again. (sigh)

I'm finally getting my blood work done on Friday at 10:15 a.m. (the earliest appointment they had for the lab). Funny that I can get in to see my doctor sooner than to have blood taken, isn't it? (smile)

I need to start spending some time in the office (I have piles to do), but it looks like Thursday is the only other free day this week...

We had leftover bean dip that Marilyn made for dinner. Delish! (She used leftover cottage cheese from dinner to make it. Very healthy.)

Henry (our cat) is just crying and crying. I've no idea why. I suppose he missed us today (after having both of us home for the past two weeks), but this seems over the top to me. What's UP, Henry???

I never did manage to reach Ron by phone today, but I emailed him a couple of times. I still want him to work on my home (desktop) computer, which really needs it. I want to beef up BOTH of my (duel) hard drives, as I can't even install any software at this point. (I recently had to REMOVE tons of it just to get things to function at all... sigh...) Ron found a great hard drive that I'm going to order -- then he's going to install them and ghost my current hard drives.

Say! That will mean we have my hard drives to use somewhere else. (The office? For some needy person like Jodi? I'll have to think about that...)

I'm shopping for a laptop, too. I phoned Donn about it today and he recommended an online site. I think I'll be able to get what I want (nothing fancy) for under $400, believe it or not! More about that soon...

Today ended up being HOT -- it really makes me appreciate our air conditioning, I have to say!

I'm yawning and need to get a nap in before the movie.

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