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Gacked from Jermaine jerthepedo...

Lasts Meme
Last Cigarette:never
Last Alcoholic Drink:beer, oddly enough!
Last Car Ride:last night, home from dinner out
Last Kiss:! (smile)
Last Good Cry:day before yesterday, I think
Last Library Book:ages ago
Last book bought:yet another book regarding LOTR (research)
Last Book Read:I'm always in the middle of several...
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:"Troy" (night before last)
Last Movie Rented:we never rent anymore, we simply buy
Last Cuss Word Uttered:damn
Last Beverage Drank:Diet Cherry Coke
Last Food Consumed:Mexican dinner at Taco House
Last Crush:oh, come now.
Last Phone Call:left a message for my sister Sue at 11:30 (unanswered as yet)
Last TV Show Watched:Jay Leno last night to see Michael Moore
Last Time Showered:hopefully any second now!
Last Shoes Worn:sandals (summer!)
Last CD Played:"Troy" soundtrack
Last Item Bought:I'm a shopaholic, so I can't remember (clothes?)
Last Download:probably screencaps
Last Annoyance:discussion with my sister Sue last night
Last Disappointment:I honestly don't remember
Last Soda Drank:see above (can anyone say 'redundant'?)
Last Thing Written:a "Troy" fanfic, "The Stone"
Last Key Used:housekey last night locking up
Last Words Spoken:"Have a good time." (To Marilyn. She's off to her staff picnic.)
Last Sleep:last night (and well into today!)
Last Ice Cream Eaten:dinner last night (peppermint)
Last Chair Sat In:does the one I'm in now count? my office chair
Last Webpage Visited:a writing forum I was invited to join (supposedly because of my outstanding writing... LOL...)


Whew. A bit lengthy, I think...

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