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Cleaning? Yes. (Writing Circle Tonight.)

Do you ever notice that I tend to clean the day of our evening Writing Circle meeting? Um, guilty as charged! (heh)

Actually, I do clean other times, too -- and the living room and kitchen weren't all that bad, really. They just needed to be picked up, mainly. And I've dusted the living room and am getting ready to vacuum in there (and the rugs in the kitchen, too). I've done my bathroom floor, the toilet bowl and cleaned off the counters, so it's good to go. I even mopped the kitchen floor, believe it or not! (smile)

After that I'll have my much-needed shower. It's 3:00 p.m. and we're pretty much ready, so that's good. (And we slept in, so...)

I'm feeling a tad 'punk' today (slightly under the weather, health-wise). Not sure why, but I had a sore throat last night and this morning. And I'm pouring sweat from cleaning, right now. But it's been muggy as health for several days running, so that's really no surprise.

We were talking about running to Costco for more hamburgers, if there's time. Then we might actually serve those tonight, instead of getting pizza. It's more work, but not that much, really.

We don't know who all is coming for sure. Angel is in Mexico, June junebug_w said she wasn't writing (but that doesn't mean she might not drop in), Sue's suzy_qp coming and I'm sure Dick will be here. We don't know for sure about Jodi. Peter hasn't come once since we started the new group, unfortunately. But Marilyn made a point to invite him personally, so...

Marilyn and I both did stories 750 words or less for the Writer's Digest contest (written last Friday) that we're using for tonight. I need to print mine out still.

Well, I'd better go vacuum and shower! I thought I'd better blog now, in case I was tied up later.

In other news, I want to make a longer YouTube video of playing Fascination out of the smaller videos I made with my camera. I actually have me winning twice (!!!), so that would be fun to use.

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