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Drive to Seaside? Yes, Again! (smile)

Guess what we did this evening???

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, sister Sue suzy_qp and I drove back down to Seaside, Oregon. (smile)

We didn't get to play Coverall (they're now calling it 'Blackout' -- but that's new) when we were there on Sunday (our timing was off), so we decided to go just for that reason.

We took our car this time and Marilyn drove. Sunday we took Sue's car (I gave her some gas money), and Sue drove down -- with Marilyn driving back.

I took a bunch more photos, so once I download them I'll have to share again!

There was drizzle part of the time, but nothing much. It rained while we were in the Fascination parlor (read THIS ENTRY if you missed my explanation of what Fascination is), but we really didn't have an issue with the weather.

We did get to go to Zinger's again while we were there (they stay open until 10:00 p.m., happily), which was nice!

Then on the way home we listened to Marilyn's 'Sockpuppet' mix on her iPod, which has all this great retro music from the late 60's. And we played a game where we talked about our favorite EPISODES of "Frasier" (which we all love). That was fun, too!

Last night we went over to Vancouver (Washington) to see "Public Enemies" again -- this time with sister Sue. Both Marilyn and I noticed a lot more details the second time around. Plus it was interesting to know more from reading the book. I seriously think it's an amazing movie. I'm surprised it isn't getting even better reviews, considering the quality of the acting and the direction. Not to mention the beautiful way Michael Mann has filmed it. He's really captured the time period, in my estimation...

Earlier today we watched the Michael Jackson Memorial on TV. I got a phone call from work during it, which surprised me -- I couldn't imagine anyone MISSING watching the memorial, frankly. I found it very impressive and well organized, especially considering the short time they had to put it together. It's still so hard to believe that he's dead. I thought that people spoke eloquently and I was moved by seeing Michael's daughter Paris-Michael. (Aren't his children lovely???) It made me want to go and listen to more of his true legacy -- HIS MUSIC.

The weather has changed and is much cooler than last week, but that's okay. I stayed up really, really late last night playing games.
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