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Fascination - Seaside, Oregon (Fascination Parlor)

Fascination? What is it? And why do I bring it up almost every time we go to Seaside, Oregon? (smile)

I often forget how LUCKY we are to have a Fascination parlor so close to us, considering there aren't any others on the entire West Coast! But for me it's been around my entire life -- I've literally been playing this game since I was a kid.

For those who are curious, Fascination is a game commonly found in North American amusement parks, boardwalks and arcades. The game actually dates back to the 1920's and was once a popular attraction at amusement parks and in oceanside resort towns -- especially those with boardwalks. (Both Atlantic City and Wildwood, New Jersey had multiple Fascination parlors.)

As I mentioned before, Seaside, Oregon has the ONLY Fascination parlor on the West Coast.

At one point we were really afraid they were going to CLOSE the Fascination parlor in Seaside. Anyway, that prompted me to take several photos, which I'm going to (finally) share below:

Fascination - Seaside, Oregon

Fascination - Seaside, Oregon

Fascination - Seaside, Oregon

Fascination - Seaside, Oregon

Fascination - Seaside, Oregon

Fascination - Seaside, Oregon

While we were in Seaside yesterday (July 5), we went there (to the parlor) and found it quite improved! They had all new chairs (!!!) and the boards were really CLEAN (which was a shock). They used to allow smoking in the parlor, so there were ashtrays and ashes all over. They've taken out the glass cases that used to run down the center of the room, which makes it much nicer, too!

I didn't get new photos, but need to do that sometime soon. Many of the rubber balls used were actually BLUE (rather than the standard dull red), so that was another surprise!

As for the game, it's played by rolling the ball up and into the holes, trying for five in a row (bingo-like). As your ball drops in a hole, the corresponding light on the board is lit. You play against a room full of others players, racing to see who can get five in a row first.

It's MUCH HARDER than it sounds -- and keep in mind I've played it all my life!

You win a coupon that's worth 99 points -- and these can be redeemed for merchandise. As I mentioned yesterday, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe with coupons we've collected from our joint wins. And we've gotten countless other 'goodies' over the years (including a microwave oven, fancy CD boombox with remote, set of pots and pans and more).

Most of all, it's great FUN to play! Marilyn won three games in a row at one point (which totally amazes and disturbs other players, believe me).

We love 'Cover All' the best. In this form of the game, they turn down the lights and you have to light up every single light on your board. They usually play it twice a day (at 4:00 and 8:00) -- but they have to have a minimum number of players to do so (and it costs more to play). (Normal games are 25¢.)

If you ever get to a place that has Fascination, I seriously encourage you to give it a try! And as I mentioned before, don't be discouraged when you have trouble playing it -- EVERYONE does (even those of us who have played it for YEARS). But you'll get hooked, believe me! (grin)

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