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Drove to Seaside with Sister Sue!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went to tan. Then we drove down to Seaside, Oregon with sister Sue suzy_qp.

We played Fascination and Marilyn and I turned in our tickets to get a fancy juicer (I've always wanted one).

Before going to play Fascination, we had dinner at the Taco Shark restaurant, a new Mexican joint that replaced our (beloved) Vista Sea Cafe (I mentioned that it was for sale HERE, but this is the first time we've been to Seaside since it closed).

The food was fine, but I doubt we'll get hung up on the place. (They didn't have many people there, by the way...) And it wasn't at all like having the wonderful chowder and beer bread that we used to eat at the Vista Sea Cafe. (sigh)

After Fascination (Marilyn won seven games, I won five and Sue won one) and getting the juicer, we went over to Zinger's to get ice cream (they almost always have Licorice!). Then Marilyn drove home (Sue had driven down).

One of the funny things was Sue bringing up going to see "Public Enemies" -- wondering if we were interested in going! She'd apparently left Marilyn a voice mail about it during the festival, but Marilyn never got it. So she was all upset that we'd already gone -- but we told her we wanted to go again, anyway.

We considered going to the movie tonight, but the times didn't work well, so we might go tomorrow.

On Friday (July 3), Marilyn and I went to Costco (which I never mentioned that day when I posted). We got those fabulous burgers I mentioned LAST YEAR that are sold only at Costco (at least that seems to be true locally). We wanted them for the our 'picnic' on the Fourth.

They're pre-cooked Angus burgers, which means you only have to toss them in the microwave for less than five minutes to have delicious burgers ready to eat! (And I do mean DELICIOUS.) Yes, you can grill them or fry them, but why would you bother??? The brand name on the box is Quick 'N Eat -- but the website they list is They've improved their website since last summer, by the way!

You should always add a slice of Tillamook cheese (they'll melt nicely in the microwave, too). If you can't buy Tillamook cheese locally, then check out the store on their website! We like Medium Cheddar, and it comes in packages already sliced, which is ideal.

We had the burgers on both Friday and Saturday, by the way. Yummy!

While at Costco, we picked up the book "Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933–34," by author Bryan Burrough. I'm really enjoying reading it!

The Wimbledon final this morning was a pretty impressive five-setter. Roddick did a good job, even if he wasn't able to win.

And now I'm going to play some Zuma! We're half way through our two week vaca.

Vacation rocks!!!

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