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Fanfic Recommendation (FIC REC)

Okay, there are many of you who've never read anything written by my sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn. Yes, I'm biased. I admit it. But if you can go and read her work and not be impressed by the quality, then I'd have to wonder about what you consider 'good' writing, in all honesty! (smile)

She just wrote an amazing "Troy" fic that you can find here: "Winter Wheat".

By the way, not only does she display both her talent and skill here, but she proves the value of being willing to add research into the mix! (So even if you're not 'into' either slashiness or mpregs, there's a lot of content there worth reading. Seriously. Give it a read and you won't be sorry...)

I personally find this fic both moving and near poetic to read. (The last time I read it out loud while we were jointly beta-ing it, I cried at the end. And not just a few tears, either!)

My not-so-humble contribution to this work is the fic banner. I'm becoming amazingly adept these days at making men pregnant. (Well, in banners, anyway! ROFL.)

In fact, both Marilyn and I are still quite wrapped up in the worlds of LOTR and "Troy." If you're a friend and into one or both, I hope you'll consider joining our Yahoo! groups. (I'll stick the links behind an lj-cut tag at the end of this entry for those interested...)


Here are some of the banners I've made for our four current fave groups...

"Troy" mpreg (fempreg) group banner (at Yahoo!)

LOTR Slash fic group banner (at Yahoo!).

LOTR mpreg (fempreg) fic group banner (at Yahoo!).

"Troy" fic (all varieties) group banner (at Yahoo!).

Fun, yes?

Okay, off to play some. I've already spent ages today doing moderator work at the PSP communities here. (And working on banners, etc., for our Yahoo! groups we moderate...)

So I think I get to 'play' a little now! LOL. (Isn't that fair?)

We'd LOVE to have you join our fun! (smile)


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