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Firefox 3.5

For those who might not know it, Firefox released version 3.5 yesterday.

I like that some of the features I was getting via addons (plugins) are now STANDARD to the browser (as they should be). And happily most of my essential addons are available for the new version.

I still think the browser loads really slowly (???), but it's FAST once it has!

Anyway, I continue to love Firefox. I did try Google's Chrome (Ron loves it), but I found it far too minimalist for me, personally.

Other 'fast' things today include Andy Murray at Wimbledon, who won his match against Juan Carlos Ferrero in straight sets, 7/5, 6/3, 6/2 (which took an hour and 41 minutes). Yes, I am so very much pulling for Andy to win Wimbledon!

Plus Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went to the track (at Roosevelt), meeting sister Sue suzyqp there. We walked 3 miles (12 laps), while Sue did 2 miles (3 laps). Our fastest time yet (listening to music on our iPods really helps with speed).

After that we went dutch to Starbucks.

Bo is here working on the fence and deck -- his goal is to finish up today (fingers crossed).

I think I'll go have some Cheerios now (I love Yogurt Burst)!

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