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Walking? Yep!

I slept in again this morning until 9:00 (!!!). Marilyn mistressmarilyn didn't head to the track until around 10:00. Wow, it was beautiful there, with clear, blue skies. A guy was setting up the sprinklers to run while we were there, and one is right near the edge of the track (they sprinkle the center football area) -- so the inside lane was wet and we got misted every time we passed that spot.

We were both listening to our iPods today. Marilyn has a new Gold iPod Shuffle that she got through Avon (and we've been calling 'Goldie'). It holds up to 240 songs (but she'd never load that many on it), and has a cool clip that makes it really convenient to use for working out. I was using my old nano that has the sport cord that makes it so easy to wear and use. The music helps you keep a steady pace and we were probably going just a tad faster. Anyway, in order to go our 45 minutes, we had to do an extra lap -- so we decided to just do three miles. That was good.

In weight loss related news, I tried on three pairs of pants this morning that I wanted to wear to the track -- and all three were too big on me (literally falling off me), so I couldn't wear them. I finally found a pair that almost fit and wore those. I certainly don't want to get new clothes while I'm losing weight, so I plan to wear my belt with some of my jeans and other pants for now. It was annoying this morning, but I guess it's a good problem to have.

Bo and his cousin Earle are here again today and power washing (pressure washing?) the fence and deck. I never mentioned this yesterday, but they had a broken part so they couldn't do anything as planned yesterday. Being Sunday, there was no place they could go to get it fixed until today.

We did tan yesterday, but we didn't get our manicures and pedicures. We decided we'd go today, but we haven't discussed it so far, so I don't know if we're still going to do that or not.

We went to see "Terminator Salvation" again last night. It's not playing too many places now, so we wanted to go again before it was gone. Afterward I told Marilyn that I really enjoyed it. I was wide awake and comfortable and in the right place to see it, if that makes sense. I still think it's a good movie, personally. I like the story and I love the various actors. It's all good by me.

It's funny, but so far our vacation days have been like festival days -- really stretched! This is hard to explain, but during the festival you'll have ONE DAY, and it will be so packed with stuff that when you talk about it the next day it will seem like it was days ago! Anyway, we've been doing so much that last night it felt like we'd been on vaca for days, not just the weekend. That may partly be the fact that we've been getting up in the morning, when often we don't do that while on vacation. We've been known to stay up into the wee hours during vaca, then sleep really late (like noon) to make up for it. Often we stay up all night long, because we can -- unlike when we're working. (We keep weird hours even when we're working, so I guess that's not all that strange...)

We want to keep up the walking in the mornings, so that should keep us going to bed earlier than normal.

Well, it's around noon now -- and we're starting to think about having a chicken sandwich (our little bun sandwiches that we make). We got chicken at the grocery store last night -- and stopped to get the tomatoes we forgot (!!!) after we left the track this morning.

We also got two flats of begonias, so we can at least plant our front bed by the porch. We're dying to our flowers in, but we can't do the back yard until after the fence and deck are done.

Well, Marilyn had a shower and washed her hair, and I'm thinking I'll go do the same.

Summer! Gotta love it! Vacation! It's GREAT.

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