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Legolas Meme Alert!

Behind an lj-cut to save your Friends Page display... (hopefully!)...

Happily gacked from Becky beckyo!

You would most likely have a drunken romp with
Legolas! (Damn those bloody drinking contests)
Whether you regret it in the morning or not, it
should be very pleasurable at the time. Just
beware of the spins! Puking on the poor elf
would probably kill the romance. ;)

What Kind Of Sex Would You Have With Legolas?
brought to you by Quizilla

It's currently just past noon here and already over 90 degrees. Can you say hot?

Our poor, old, over-used window air conditioners in the office and kitchen are dying. Seriously.

The one here in the office is making ghastly sounds! I've turned it down to try and save it. Which isn't much help, obviously. LOL.

Still, I can't even sit for a minute in our living room. We have huge windows in there, so...

Today we're supposed to reach 100' (or more). After 98' yesterday, we'll be building heat inside the house.

Thank God we did the sprinkler system! LOL.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is at her nail and then hair appointment. (Probably until 4:00 or after.) I was going to do my hair, but to hell with that! My bathroom is too damned hot to even try it...

So I'm sitting here on the computer. That's about it for me today! LOL.

Cousin Linda was supposed to come over today, but when she called we were both immediately decided that would be crazy! Why face the buses out here if you don't have to?

This is her day off and she's sitting in a dark room with a fan going on her (no air con.) with her cat and new kitten...

This is pretty miserable, but we'll survive. We went through some record heat last summer, too.

Hell--we dealt with working the Grand Floral Parade in record high heat last year! So much for whining about the heat now...

At least Marilyn's currently off work!

It's 'office clean-up day' at PRFA, by the way. I used to always go in for that, but with Marilyn home I get to skip that... (Heart-broken here. ROFL.)

More later!


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