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I slept in until 9:00 a.m. (but Marilyn mistressmarilyn was up far earlier -- partly that's wrapped up in watching Wimbledon tennis).

We actually went to the track (Roosevelt high school's track) and walked for 45 minutes! It was great, and I hope we keep that up all during vacation.

We had 'bun' chicken sandwiches when we got home. Then a lovely nap. First I read my BOOK (which I'm loving, by the way), then I drifted off to sleep. Perfect!

We got up and played our current computer game ("Escape Rosecliff Island") -- we love these HOGs (hidden object games)!!! The review I've linked reads: "Gamers will have about 20 minutes to complete each of the 25 locations and can ask for a hint or two if stuck..." Our personal goal is to go as fast as we can -- and always try to stay under 10 minutes per level (well under 20 minutes, in other words). We play as a team (Marilyn and I). One person uses the mouse to control things, while the other player will use a pointer to help find things. We've purchased several of them in the past, but this one has lovely graphics and is great FUN!

We just finished eating fried red tomatoes (we each cooked a couple of pans full for ourselves) for dinner, and we've been watching Wimbledon on the Tennis Channel. 17-year-old American, Melanie Oudin, beat Jelena Jankovic, 6-7 (6-8), 7-5, 6-2. Oudin seems like a lovely young woman.

Now Marilyn is playing Zuma while I do this blog entry. When I'm done, I'll probably play Zuma, too! (heh)

Both of us did tidy up the kitchen (and I loaded the dishwasher) -- and we need to go grocery shopping later on. But that's okay! Basically we've had a lazy, lovely vacation day -- and it feels great!

We need to get manicures (ouch) and pedicures, but I was rather resistant to the idea today. (If it sounds relaxing, then I'm sorry to tell you that it isn't!)

It got up to 81° today, and we're so grateful for our air conditioning -- it's such a blessing!

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