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Painter? Yes!

Looks like we found our painter today! I had Bo by at 10:30. He measured and started the bid process and gave me a rough estimate before he left. He had the full estimate emailed to me (in detail) within another hour.

He seems totally ethical and very friendly -- I liked him immensely! He's tall and black (an attractive guy) and looks really strong!

It looks like Bo and his cousin will start the job with power-washing this Sunday (!!!). We might even have the work done before the Fourth of July. Wouldn't that be cool???

Now I need to call (clueless) Dennis and let him know we found another guy...

That was a pretty painless process. And I might help Bo set up his website (and some other things), which I'd enjoy. It's all good!

And Marilyn mistressmarilyn is already talking about using his carpentry skills...

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