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PRFA Party Day at OUR House!

The party's over...

Well, we started in first thing today cleaning to get ready for the party.

But we actually slept in (very nice), actually.

Then it was already hot while we were picking up and cleaning, including scrubbing floors and so on. Terribly hot day to clean the hottest rooms in our house--my bathroom and the kitchen! LOL.

After that we went and got more beer and snacks, etc. And we ended up buying a total of ten bags of ice--and did we need it!

We reached a record (matched a record) high of 98 degrees today! (Great day for a party, right? LOL. Ah, timing is everything!)

Our first guest arrived around 4:30. Most came at 5:30 (or later)--directly after work.

I'm trying to do a count in my head and see if I can recall how many people in all showed up...

I think it was twelve (plus baby Benjamin)--not counting Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me! (Which makes 14.)

We had margaritas and beer and chips and dip and salsa and good fellowship and fun.

The last of them left by 10:00 p.m.

It's still pretty hot here (no kidding) and we're expecting 100 degrees for the next two days before it cools at all...

I did go online briefly to visit our LOTR MPreg list (at Yahoo! groups). We're up to 41 members there now (we started it on June 24).

What a great group of people, too! The Newbie Surveys are starting to roll in. Plus we've got people involved in a little 200-word drabble challenge and fic and feedback being posted. Just seems like a really friendly group. Marilyn and I are enjoying it!

I guess that's a fairly small group, but we don't mind that. There's such an intimate feel there.

Plus we're all warped enough to like of 'common mind' regarding MPregs (and FemPregs). So it's a good place to play. (smile)

We had to run our sprinkler system on manual tonight, as people were still out in the yard when we'd normall have it running. So we both just ran through the sprinklers in the back yard! (grin)

Okay, call it childish if you will, but we love it. We generally only do it once, running from one side to the other getting soaked. In all this heat it feels quite good. I'm sitting here now and the wet is drying all-too-quickly on me!

Oh, before I forget, Glo dayglo_m asked me for some specific LOTR icons. Here they are! Hope you like them... (So glad you're another LOTR fan! Hurray.)

for Glo--Haldir in heart

for Glo--Celeborn and Galadriel

for Glo--Pippin 'small hero'

(By the way, Glo, when are we going to hear more about what's up with Nik nk_seashore?)

That's it for now, I guess!

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