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I Survived the IT Audit at Work! (Well, So Far, Anyway...)

So, I survived the IT Audit (at the festival office) today...

At least, I've survived it so far!

I met with Steve, their IT Expert, three separate times. The first time was in Jeff's conference room, with Marilyn mistressmarilyn present, too. (The three of us, in other words.)

Then he and I went directly from there to a meeting in the IT Room.

Later (after Marilyn and I had taken a lunch break), Steve and I met in the IT Room a second time.

I answered TONS of questions, with the exception of some advanced technical things that only someone like Kent would know. I thought Steve was going to contact Kent, but Madhu told me later that she'd told him to email me directly with any questions and allow ME to send those on to Kent -- but Steve wasn't sure he'd need to do that.

He and I did a business card exchange, making a joke about the movie "American Psycho" while we did so. (grin) I told him to feel free to phone or email me. He complimented me more than one time (!!!) on the job I did answering him, which was nice.

Jeff thanked me and Madhu thanked me and it was all good.

Marilyn and I didn't leave the office until 6:00 p.m. -- and we were both brain dead by then. I can't even say how soooooooooooooooo done I was. (yikes)

Paul gave me one of his packages of caffeinated Crystal Light -- and chocolate -- to help me make it through the day. We joked several times, which was great.

In other news, one of our event-related websites (that we link from the festival website) was down today, so I had to get it back up and working. (Yes, it was back same day, happily!) And I'm trying hard to reason out the issues with the Merchandise side of our website (our online store), as well. That's still a problem at this point...

I'm staying home tomorrow, but going back in on Thursday for our annual 'Clean Up Day' (I'm going to focus on the IT Room, while most people work on Storage next door.)

I think I'm also going to work in the office on Friday, too -- but I'm not sure at this point.

Supposedly I have a guy coming to give me a painting bid tomorrow -- again, we'll see about that.

We had hot dogs for lunch (smile) and fried tomatoes for dinner (yummy). And watched two episodes of "Jeopardy" before a long, well-deserved nap.

Life is good, as always, in other words!

And vaca looms closer!!!

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