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eBay: CorningWare 'Spice of Life' - Revisited!

I lost the 'bidding war' I was in. Actually, the bid was up to $26.00 (plus another $10 for shipping), so I just let it go.

But I WON the bid on a different dish (same pattern), so I'm still going to get one! So it's all good!

The cost for the other casserole dish (with shipping and insurance) was $37.24 (which I already mentioned HERE), so I couldn't get myself to go higher on that second dish.

Actually, though, I have a bid on yet another dish (a smaller one in the 'Blue Cornflower' design -- I also have a casserole dish from Mom in that pattern). But it has days yet to go, so you never know what will happen...

And I've found several other pieces of the 'Spice of Life' set that have managed to beckon me. (smile) I might end up buying more than one thing. (Who knows?)

I'm surprised at myself, anyway. I can't believe it's taken me all these months to figure out that I actually could replace that dish with the same dish. (Okay, this won't have been Mom's, but oh well. I'll probably forget that over time, anyway... heh...)

I guess with eBay around you can find almost anything.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the cyber world???


Oh, and in other news, I actually spoke to friend Mitch this evening! (I phoned him earlier after messing around today at Facebook. I saw at Facebook that his niece Gena is in Portland -- down from Alaska -- so I decided to call him.) The last time I talked to Mitch was at the St. Johns Parade, so this is big. He was actually out hitting the tennis ball at Roosevelt (where we all went to high school). One of the things I'd asked in my message was if he'd been watching Wimbledon!

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