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Lost Painter Dennis...

My 'lost' painter Dennis phoned me over the weekend and left a bid of $1,028 for the job. This seems high to me, but at this point he has the ONLY bid, so I guess we'll have to see. He phoned today and I spoke to him and told him I was waiting on other bids. He seemed surprised by that (!!!), as if I would only bid with him. Right, Dennis.

Yeah, he did finally make it to our house, hours late. He and the other 'gent' (I can't recall the name right now) were old, smelled like cigarettes (ugh) and seemed a bit clueless. But there was still something likable about them. I don't know, maybe it was their cluelessness. If their bid had been lower, I suspect I'd be considering them. But it's not looking good for them at this point!

Two other guys wanted to come to bid tomorrow, but I'm in the office Tuesday to meet with the Auditors (for the IT part of the audit). I suggested Wednesday to both, but have yet to hear back.

This will be the usual annoying process with anything that involves contractors, I'm sure. Though I must admit the man (and son) who built our deck were AMAZING. And the roofer was the same. And we had a GREAT painter who did both the interior and exterior in the past, but I got him so much work he eventually asked me to STOP having people call him (!!!). He changed his phone number shortly after and that's the last I know about him (it was years ago). He was making so much money in the painting business that he'd bought a brand fancy-assed pickup truck with cash (!!!), and later bought a home...

Oh. In news about people without much hope or money, I heard from cousin Linda today. She and sister Nancy (and Nancy's son Travis) took a trip to Bend, Oregon over the weekend. She's currently living in a shelter and her job is supposedly moving out of Portland soon (they keep changing their minds, however). Anyway, Linda told me all the details about her trip -- sounds like they had fun!

When I told Marilyn mistressmarilyn she said, "Even our homeless cousin takes trips out of town and stays overnight." Yeah, we never go anywhere, really. But that's okay. I love being home, so it's all good.

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