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Lazy Sunday.

Don't let the 'Relax' icon fool you -- it wasn't a day where we were hanging around out in the yard! But there was some sunshine when we took a drive in the afternoon, which was very nice.

We stayed up really late last night -- great fun. We haven't done that non-work-related in an age.

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I slept in late, then we played Zuma for a long time.

Early afternoon we went to meet sister Sue suzy_qp, who treated us to Starbucks and gave us strawberries (she get a bunch of them -- orders them -- each year). We had a nice visit, talking for ages.

Sue brought along her diamond and emerald ring she bought herself in Israel and gave it to me. I thanked her and gave it back to her -- and told her to wear and enjoy it, as I feel she should. Long story, but she's been giving us things that are important to her as gifts, and while I think that's lovely, I felt she needed to keep this special ring. The gems are set very cool -- they have the look of tiny crosses. I love the ring, but sincerely wanted her to have it and wear it -- and think of her trip (and blessings) when she looks at it.

She also gave us some framed art that we're to decide whether to keep ourselves or donate to the festival auction next fall.

After we left her we went shopping in Washington (state) briefly, then Marilyn took me to tan. The lamps were so hot that I actually burned a little bit (!!!), even though I only did 10 (out of a possible 12) minutes. I need to get my base tan down, which means going a minimum of twice a week for a spell. Then once a week will be enough to keep it.

Later in the day we had leftover chicken rice casserole (that I'd worked over a bit) for dinner. Sue phoned because she couldn't get back home -- there was a 'jumper' (potential suicide) on the bridge. (She'd been taking her granddaughter Madyson home -- who had been visiting with her cousin Nicole -- and she couldn't go back home because they'd blocked off all traffic. A real mess. They did get the person off safely, though.)

So Sue ended up at our house for some time, visiting mostly with Marilyn (while I played a computer game).

Anyway, it's been a very lazy day. The only 'work' I did was cooking and tidying the kitchen up a little. I'm now headed for a nap -- and to read a bit before napping.

I ♥ summer! By the way, today is the first official day of summer here!

Hurray for us!!!

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