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Record Rains Yesterday (Friday, June 19)

I'm trying to upload a video I made of the rain pouring down outside the front of our house yesterday, when Portland had record rainfall. It was like being behind a waterfall, with rain pouring out of the gutter and down on the porch, then rushing down the walk!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn mentioned that I needed to share the video I made at a local news channel website, and I've been trying to upload it for ages now with no success. What gives with that? It's not that large, so it should be a breeze. (sigh) I'm seriously about to give up, it's so annoying.

Colin (Kitty) is sitting on Marilyn's computer chair right beside me as I post this. I just combed him quite a bit while waiting for said vid to upload, getting handfuls of black hair in the process! Short hair cats always seem to shed more, in my experience -- and Colin is no exception! He's also the one who is constantly yakking up furballs, and not Henry. Go figure!

I'm now reading the "Terminator Salvation" NOVEL (by Alan Dean Foster), which I'm enjoying quite a bit, so far (I'm on chapter 23). Note that the link shared here includes SPOILERS, so if you haven't seen the movie and don't want to be spoiled, you should skip following it! (Some of you will recall that back in April I was reading the PREQUEL book: "Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes," written by Timothy Zahn.)

I just gave up on uploading that video. Look, it's less than a minute and a half long, so there's no way it should take half an hour to load! Forget it. I'd complain, but like most website, I couldn't find the 'contact' area.

Most websites suck. They aren't easy to navigate and it's too hard to find things.

Yeah, as a webmaster, I'm picky about websites. They don't need to be fancy. They NEED to be functional. (What's the point otherwise?)

I need to share photos from Jessica's pb_n_jam birthday gathering at the Kennedy School McMenamins last evening. I've downloaded them, so I need to upload so I can post them...

I also have photos from our trip to Oregon City last weekend...

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