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My Potential Painter? He's Lost.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are getting ready to have our cedar fence and deck painted. (They needed it last year, so you can probably imagine how BAD they are this year!)

I started the process of getting bids yesterday, contacting several people. I've done this many, many times in the past (for building the deck, having the second bathroom built, getting a new roof, and on and on and on), so it's nothing new. However, it's interesting to rely on Craig's List in place of non-cyber resources, I must admit! This is the first time I haven't used more traditional/conventional methods to find a contractor. It's interesting and very, very cool!

So the first appointment I set up was with Dennis for 10:00 a.m. this morning.

At about ten minutes to 10:00, I get a phone call from Dennis asking me when would be a good time to come out. I mention that we'd agreed he'd come at 10:00. He says he was planning to call me at 10:00. This isn't a good sign if we're already having miscommunication issues... (sigh)

He says he'll get here as soon as he can. We sort of discuss where I am, but he assures me he can use a mapping service online to find me.

It's now almost noon. I just got a call from Dennis who is lost. From what he's told me, I think he's well past my house and needs to double back. I mention that if he can find Lombard (the main drag in North Portland -- and easy to locate) that he can find me (I'm right off Lombard). He still sounded confused, but he's supposedly on his way here.

I just talked to Marilyn and told her he's clearly not the person I'm going to select. I can't even believe he'd admit to being as confused as he is about being lost, because as I said to her, that's not somebody I want doing a job for me! So now he's both late and lost. Great first impression, huh?

I did say that if God struck me by lightning and told me 'hire him' that I would -- and she said that you never know, that could happen!

But I suspect that even if he gives me the best estimate ever, he's not the right man for this job...

His ad was cute: "Two semi-retired gents..." was how he referred to himself and his partner. I suppose we're all late now and then and all lost. So I might cut him some slack. A good personality goes a long way with me, so you never know.

The situation is cross between annoying and amusing, and right now I'm leaning toward being amused. Life is too short to get annoyed over this.

The poor cats! I locked them up so I wouldn't need to deal with worrying about them being under foot or sneaking out the door. They're not happy.

Considering I told (poor) Dennis I wasn't available this afternoon, he must be concerned about finally getting here. It's now a quarter past noon...

Semi-retired. I think some warning bells should have gone off when I read that! But he mentioned that they needed the work, and my heart seems to go out to people who need work these days...

Look for an update later -- if he ever finds me, that is!

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