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News: Internet Explorer FINALLY Meets W3C Standards!

So, has anyone been playing with Internet Explorer 8, yet?

Check out the HOME page for this newest version of the browser and read. Personally, I find it all really amusing...

I'm not surprised that Microsoft would dump all over the two major competitor browsers, because they've never had much class -- so why be classy now? But considering it's taken them this long to finally give a damn about the W3C Standards, it's ridiculous to pretend now that it really matters to them.

I never understood why web creators had to go to such lengths to use workarounds to make sure IE didn't break the view of webpages, but that's how it's always been. It's a refreshing thought that this won't be necessary in the future, but of course we'll have a number of years to wait for everyone to upgrade to version 8 (which is always the case), so...

Actually, my original reaction was to avoid upgrading at all, as with Microsoft a browser change isn't always a good thing. But I rarely ever use IE anyway, so what the heck. I do check pages (and eNewsletters) in IE, so why not? Of course, it doesn't tell me how they'll look in OLDER versions (which most users will still have), so that's a pain! I did the upgrade at work, but haven't done it at home, yet. I'll have to think this one over, I guess.

Anyway, as someone who feels all browsers should comply with W3C Standards, I'd say it's about time Microsoft played nice with others.

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