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Writer's Group for the Month of June

Tonight was our Writer's Group meeting for Jodi (who wasn't feeling well). Everyone except Jodi was here: Dick, sister Sue suzy_qp, Angel, June junebug_w, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me. (I don't count Peter who hasn't made a single meeting since we formed the new group.)

I spent the morning cleaning house, which needed it! And working on my story for June, which I hadn't even started before today. Marilyn made baked beans which we ate a little of tonight and will also take for the potluck tomorrow at work.

But I dumped the idea of cooking for tonight so I could continue writing -- I got my story done just in time! (It was over 3,000 words.)

I have to mention how IMPRESSED I was by Sue's story, which I think was one of the best. Marilyn didn't get a chance to finish her story, but it was wonderful -- I hope she will write more on it in the future.

I was LOVING writing again, by the way. I realize I do a lot of writing for work, writing Copy for the website and eNewsletters and eBulletins, along with script writing -- but it's not the same at all! The joy of writing fiction is so wonderful...

Anyway, we had a good meeting (with a salad, the beans and delivery pizza again) that included fellowship and lots of laughter. I still need to cook for tomorrow, but that's no big deal (even minus my trusty casserole dish and quilted carrier).

I'm making chicken and rice casserole (and maybe a curried rice non-meat version, too). And we're also taking bagged salad.

Well, it's now 10:30, so I'm glad I finally blogged for today! That makes half the month of June so far -- go ME! (smile) It's been tough this year, but I'm hanging in there...

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