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Rose Farm (William Holmes House) in Oregon City, Oregon

Marilyn mistressmarilyn got her hair done this morning -- I stayed home and worked on the festival website.

No. I didn't get the new Flash slideshow done. But I did reason out how to add a eNewsletter subscription area to the Home page -- and how to simplify the one that was previously there. About time! We've been asking for a TON of information from people, rather than just letting them input their email address. Personally I think that's why we continue to have an issue with people signing up -- first, they never find the spot to do it (even though we have two links on almost every webpage) and second because nobody wants to tell us their 'gender' in order to sign up! (We used to require AGE, but at least I took that down more than a year ago.) I get it that the people who originally set this up wanted a bunch of stats, but it's stupid, frankly. I don't sign up for eNewsletters that are invasive, so why would I expect anything different from others? (Yeah, I'm always proud when I change the way things work at the website for the better...)

Anyway, it might sound like that would be a simple change, but it was a bit complicated, actually. It's done now, anyway. I wish I'd thought to do it a month ago! (It was one of those middle-of-the-night things that happened to me last night...)

After Marilyn got home (and dried her hair), we got ready and headed over to Oregon City. We dropped by Barclay House (and said 'hello' to everyone there) and then saw John and took part of the tour at McLoughlin House.

Finally we headed up to Rose Farm (William Holmes House), where we were treated like rock stars as we took a tour that went beyond their normal hours. Really fun!

All the people involved are fascinating, dedicated and interesting -- and Marilyn and I would like to know them better. I have photos, but haven't downloaded yet. Hopefully I'll get around to sharing at some point...

We need to go back again sometime and see more!

I do have a start on the new Flash slideshow, too, so hopefully I'll get that up there tomorrow.

I got an email back from friend June junebug_w today. It sounds like Jim is better. Anyway, he can drive again!

Sister Sue suzy_qp went to lunch with two members of the Clown Corps today...

I don't know how Marilyn and I will spend Sunday (tomorrow), yet, but we've decided to take the day off (and not go to another History & Roses event). Seems like a plan!

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