CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

LOTR Slashy Art...

My latest bit of LOTR slashy art...

Art--slashy LOTR Eomer/Celeborn

Which I'm now making into an icon...

Yes, this will be one of the slash pairings in the 'epic' (right!) that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have started...

We'll be loosely combining a bunch of slashy fics into one by using a clever concept that I'll discuss more soon. (smile)

Anyway, we often 'develop' fics via the old-fashioned oral tradition (discussing them, creating the dialogue, etc.). So we have a lot of pairings we want to work on.

Eomer/Celeborn is decidedly one of these. LOL.

Need to do that icon... (grin)

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