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Friday Before Parade Day -- Vietnamese Float Party

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I just went to the Vietnamese float party -- and it was WONDERFUL! They've done a great job on their float (it's beautiful) and it was as if the entire community had a part in it!

They fed us and gave us drink and treated us like rock stars, greeting us and thanking us and hugging us! Talk about bridging communities! (And the language barrier just didn't matter one bit.) Truly one of the highlights of this year, that's for sure. (If I weren't so tired I'd download photos and share...)

It was a super-busy day, which included seeing the Mummers perform at noon -- another fun moment of this festival! Marilyn has wanted to have them here for years, so it's exciting that they're finally here at last.

On the down side, we're having constant rain today -- there wasn't even a time for the guy to go and paint out the parking lines for the parade...

So it's been miserable and muggy and I'm sitting here naked to type this (I know, TMI), because I just peeled of clothes soaking wet with sweat. (ugh) And I just drank a full bottle of cold water straight down. I'm still too warm, believe it or not. And still thirsty, too!

Anyway, the car is pretty much packed up for parade morning and we're skipping going out on the route (we're all tired and can't face the rain), so we can potentially get some rest before the big day (fingers crossed). It seems like we've been doing this for a couple of months now, seriously.

Anyway, there were some very moving, warm, joyous moments today! It makes us glad to do what we do.

And I got more website stuff (!!!) done today, too. It's all good!

That's it for today! At least I remembered to blog!

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