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Freak Storm!

We had a freak storm come through the area today -- really frightening, to tell the truth. We knew we were going to have a chance of 'of a thunderstorm' in the afternoon, because we'd been hearing about it for days.

For the record, Marilyn mistressmarilyn had felt we should be monitoring the situation through some weather service, so we could evacuate the Park if necessary (and she passed on that advice well in advance, though it wasn't taken at that point). Hey, you know what? If I worked with Marilyn and knew how right on she is about these things, I'd listen to her. I'm always surprised when people don't...

Marilyn and I left the office right around 4:30 p.m., planning to go to the barbeque picnic thing being held for Dee, the wagon master. As we left the festival parking lot, trees were being whipped by such high winds that debris was everywhere! Plus it was like being in the middle of a dust storm! All the dirt from construction areas around town was being sucked up into the air, and we were breathing it and it was burning our eyes. Awful.

Traffic was terrible and rain was starting. We had the radio on to listen to reports as we drove. Then we passed some downed trees and heard reports that we were headed directly into the storm area, so Marilyn decided to turn around and head for home. It just wasn't worth the risk.

We could see lightning flashes in the skies and the drops of rain hammering us were huge. Yesterday a local boy was struck by lightning, and they kept referring to his close call (he was injured, but survived). The traffic was horrible almost the entire way home.

More than and hour and a half later, we finally made it home again. Sometimes we were in near standstill traffic. There were reported gusts of wind from between 60 to 90 miles an hour. We were safe -- and when we got home, none of our trees or bushes had come down. Our cats were clearly frightened, but okay. They did end up clearing out the Park and closing down for the rest of the day (and that made then local news, of course). Marilyn and I both thank God (literally) that this didn't happen TOMORROW night, rather than tonight. We grabbed whatever food we could find and ate, then had a nap (no "Jeopardy" tonight). I just woke up and decided to quickly blog...

We were both disappointed to miss meeting Dee -- and a chance to get photos of her. We're sorry she didn't get the media attention she deserved, but the storm blew that away. (Prior to all this, at least one station was confirmed to be there.) In good news, I just was able to remote the office, so obviously the Server is okay and we didn't lose power at the office! And though tons of areas did lose power in the Pacific Northwest, we didn't here at home, either. Tomorrow is supposed to be decent weather again -- and it's not supposed to rain on the parade on Saturday or rain Sunday. We've been so blessed weather-wise this year, really, even with this freaky storm! The storm was compared to those that hit the mid-western part of the United States, by the way. The temperature had been 80° and dropped something like twenty degrees in an hour. Very weird stuff!

It was a busy day. Marilyn had an early meeting and I stayed home to go grocery shopping with sister Sue suzy_qp (who was kind enough to take me). After I'd bought possibly the largest cart full of stuff in my life, Sue helped me get it in the house when we got home. I quickly put it away and then she drove me to work. Marilyn was hammered and trying to finish a script. I typed up some parade ops stuff I needed to do and made website changes (yes, again). I was supposed to do a News item, but didn't have time. I might still get to it tonight, but if not, I'll do it in the morning. (I'm sitting yawning as I type this.)

It's still pretty crazy, in other words, but we're only days away from end (well, there's another week, but the main things will be over). Tomorrow night is a busy and late one. And obviously Saturday is huge!

I spoke to friend Martha today, whom I haven't talked to since last festival. She's working on Saturday, so can't make the parade. (Her hours are something like 11:00 - 8:00 p.m., so she really can't do any festival events this year.) She now a computer tech (that's her job title), who does phone support work. She's been doing computer support work via telephone for some time now, actually. She's not crazy about her hours or her supervisor, but is glad to be working. She said several people had been laid off recently. She still has her grown son and his wife living with her, but we didn't have time to talk about much else.

I'm back to my nap now (I'm so beat). Hopefully I'll get to blog tomorrow!

I need to mention the stuff that came up today about me quitting as webmaster at the end of the fiscal year... (smile)

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