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Another Slammed Day -- eNewsletter and More

No, I'm NOT done with the garbage and recycling, yet. But I have done the cat boxes and taken out most of the recycling. All that I have left is to finish up gathering the garbage... (sigh)

I spent most of my day getting out another eNewsletter (some of you might recall that the last one went out on Friday, May 29, as mentioned HERE). I was amazed to be able to get the one last week out in ONE day, but I was even quicker today, believe it or not!

Here's what the banner looked like:
Click me to see the BIG version!
(You can click it to see the full sized version, if you want.)

And here's a tiny version of how the eNewsletter turned out:
June 3 eNewsletter

Again, it's very much about the ART for me. Yes, the Copy is important -- but anybody can share Copy! It's about that header and the other image elements (photos, animations, etc.). And it's about the colors and over-all layout. It's a little difficult to really see what's there in that small version above, but I've used the colors of my header banner for the background areas, and the photos have colors that also flow with it. As usual the sponsor logos are an animation, plus this time I have an animated rose that slowly spins around. The rose petals are not animated, but I like including them.

Plus I make my own divider bars, and this time I went a little more fancy than in the past:
rose divider bar

Well, anyway, I got the whole thing out in RECORD time -- and even did some website updates, too.

My mind is now officially mush. Talk about brain dead!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a TERRIBLE day (I don't appreciate anyone SHOUTING at her or giving her trouble about the scripts she writes, so I'm the one who is PISSED OFF about what went down... sigh...), but keeps referring to her mission to remain positive. I admire her for that, I have to say. As she pointed out this evening, we're three days away (!!!) from being pretty much done with another festival, so it's likely we'll survive (I hope).

Well, the garbage and recycling won't get done while I'm sitting here, so I'd better get to it. Needless to say we DIDN'T go grocery shopping (again) tonight, so I'm hoping I can beg get sister Sue suzy_qp to take me tomorrow. (I hope she isn't leaving for her cribbage tournament until Friday... She'll be gone this weekend and miss the parade and other activities.)

Tomorrow's another early day, so I need to get things done so we can head to bed!

Just imagine. In a few more days I might even be able to spend some time reading about my LiveJournal Friends again -- and commenting and replying to comments! What a SHOCK that would be! (heh)

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