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I'm Sleepy...

I'm sleepy.

I couldn't seem to turn off my brain last night and go to sleep, so I had a hard time getting up when Marilyn mistressmarilyn was leaving the house to head for her early meeting today. So I decided to catch a quick 'nap' on the sofa before starting my work for today.

But sister Sue suzy_qp phoned me a little bit ago and I woke up, and now I'm back where I was last night. I just can't turn things off enough to sleep. I lie there thinking about that eNewsletter I'm supposed to be doing and...

I should be able to do this one fairly quickly, I hope. But, no, I haven't started the banner (which is art and takes time to do) or selected the colors (which comes after the banner is done, admittedly), so I should just start on it.

But I can barely keep my eyes open, or concentrate. (sigh)

I'm not really feeling any stress, now that the script is done, so it's not that at all. But I am worked up about creating another quality project, as I'll probably include this issue of the eNewsletter in the submission for IFEA (last year it had to be four consecutive issues and I assume that will be the same this year). I don't know who will judge this or what they'll base their judging on, but I can't help thinking I've done an even better job on the eNewsletters this year, so I could have a chance at an award -- and even the top award (again).

Well, I either need to try again to nap or simply get to work! Time's a wastin' (as they say).

Tags: 2009, busy, enewsletter, festival, june-2009, sister-sue, sleepy, work

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