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PA Meeting? In the Bag.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were both busy at work today. Then we jointly ran the parade PA meeting, which has twice around the people as last week's meeting (!!!) crammed in the conference room -- and I do mean crammed!

The printed script (with a lovely green cover) came back in plenty of time for the meeting. Boy, can they ever turn those things around FAST now! I can recall the days when it would have been asking a lot to get them done same day...

Then I begged off going to the Willamette Writer's meeting to hear the speaker. I was so tired from being up last night that I was ready to go home, split a beer and eat some leftover pizza -- and have a NAP! For the record, we've actually been keeping up with watching "Jeopardy" (which we love to do), so that's pretty amazing.

I just woke up and realized it was almost midnight and dashed here to blog. Fortunately I'd done that past midnight last night, so it's all good!

Yeah, during the festival it's a bit harder to keep up with blogging. Still, I'm determined to try!

Barry (our radio net dude) dropped by for our annual meeting today. I took his picture and will feature him in our eNewsletter this week. So fun to determine who I'll feature each time around...

I spoke to both Cousin Linda and friend Shari, who will drop by the office to get their tickets. I tried phoning Martha, too, and leaving her a message, but got an answering machine with an unfamiliar voice -- so I don't know how that went.

On the annoying side, we didn't go grocery shopping, which we needed to do. We're about to run out of cat food, which would be a very, very bad thing!

I'll probably stay home Wednesday so I can work on the next eNewsletter (which needs to go out on Thursday). I also need to do another Flash slideshow for the Home page. We've had some actual submissions of photos for D.B. Cooper (woo hoo), so I've put some up and need to do a few more -- which is a TERRIFIC thing!

Marilyn has her big parade meeting first thing in the morning, but I don't need to attend that. Let's just say I know MY role quite well, thank-you-very-much. (smile) I should, after all these years.

Well, in case I don't get around to daytime blogging, I've now taken care of another day. So I think I'll go downstairs and see if Marilyn wants a treat before bed (ice cream?)...

ETA: I forgot to mention that sister Sue suzy_qp took our car and got the broken windshield FIXED first thing this morning!!! How cool is that??? Yeah, the car reeks right now, but it's cool to have a windshield with no crack!

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