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Busy Day -- SURPRISE!

So, another busy day, which I'm sure is a HUGE SURPRISE for me to type. (heh)

Mostly working on the parade script, which MUST be done before EARLY Tuesday morning. That means I needed to put in some serious writing today -- and I'll be spending all day on it tomorrow (Monday).

And, if necessary, Marilyn mistressmarilyn will be helping me with it -- and we'll work all night Monday night until it's 100% done.

I don't like putting it down to the wire like this, but there's just been so much other work to get done this year.

I also had to add a News item to the Home page of the website and put up some pledges (Marilyn helped a TON) on our Pledge to be Positive page. I do have some other website stuff to do, but I'll have to get to it when I'm done with the script.

Yet in the middle of today we did manage to go hear Jodi sing with the Conchords Chorale (she had the final solo and was WONDERFUL). It was really entertaining, but did take more than two hours (including travel time). Well worth it, I have to say -- and they were delighted we were there (we had 'reserved' seats).

I need to get back to work, but didn't want to miss blogging. That's another month down!

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