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YouTube and Flash Slideshow -- Plus eBulletin

So I got up around midnight last night and used my Flip video footage to create a YouTube of the Freeze and D.B. Cooper. It turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself! (I've currently got it up on the Home page of the festival website.)

I also took recent festival photos and made a new Flash slideshow for the Home page. It also turned out well, I think. I used some fun photos, like Laura giving both thumbs up, Sue B. and her husband Dennis dressed in pink for last night's Pink Party, the lioness at the Village licking her paw, Mayor Harry wearing a clown nose and so on.

This morning I did an eBulletin that I got out before 1:00 p.m.

I also colored my hair today (!!!), at long last. I've really (really, really) needed to do that!

I've received some comments at YouTube for my vid, by the way (woo hoo), and got a lovely note from Sue B. about the Home page of the website. She (and Dennis) are just the BEST! Carol, too, said lovely things about the work I've done, so I'm feeling pretty pleased. And Jeff was the first one yesterday to send me an email and say: "Great job. Loved the e-newsletter you just published!! Awesome!" Wasn't that sweet of him???

Anyway, it's been another productive day -- and it's not near to over yet!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had to get up almost as early as any other day, as she needed to be at work by 9:00 a.m. (!!!). But it's festival time, so I guess that's to be expected...

Tonight's the parade (I don't write that script anymore, but I do proof and re-write it), and we're walking the route before it begins to hand out D.B. BUCKS.

Tomorrow I'll seriously focus on the script -- and as I think I have all the Copy now, I should be able to get it wrapped up (with Marilyn's help) in the next two days. I have to, as the PA meeting is on Tuesday afternoon! Somehow we always get everything done, so why worry?

Marilyn just got home about half an hour ago (it's now 3:30) and we had homemade nachos. She hadn't had a bite all day, so she was starved. And I'd only had some dry cake with milk for breakfast. (Made me think of Dad, as he always loved cake that way...)

We're going to try and catch a short nap before taking off. The weather remains lovely, but I guess the Park was pretty empty today. (sigh) We need some big numbers this year so bad.

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