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Freeze and D.B. Cooper -- Plus Long, Long Day of Work...

The Freeze and chase of D.B. Cooper -- both at the Waterfront -- went really well. I should have some rough footage soon, so I'll try to share here.

For those who don't know what a Freeze is, it's when a large group of people appear somewhere and then on signal 'freeze' in place, usually for five minutes. (Our Freeze was seven minutes long.) The people around them are usually surprised and react in many different ways seeing all the unmoving people (posed in a variety of interesting ways).

We apparently had 1,600 people involved in the Freeze. It was pretty fun to watch!

During this we had our D.B. Cooper walking through the park. Part of what I taped was him reacting to the Freeze! Then security 'chased' him from one end of the park to the other. Pretty fun stunt!

Afterwards, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got a bite to eat (neither of us had really eaten all day -- unless you count her apple and my dry chocolate cake in milk this morning). We actually sat and ate with Peter and his daughter. As Marilyn mentioned after, we've never eaten in the park with Peter before!

My work day was pretty brutal. I had to get out an eNewsletter in ONE DAY, which normally takes me two. I actually got it done in time to send it before 5:00 p.m., so I was pretty proud!

Here's what the banner looked like:
Click me to see the BIG version!
(You can click it to see the full sized version, if you want.)

And here's a tiny version of how the eNewsletter turned out:
May 29 eNewsletter

I'm all about the ART of the banner, plus the colors used for everything. The layout has to be perfect, images, Copy and everything (down to links). What you can't tell in the photo is that the sponsor area is an animated image of sponsor logos. The lower left-hand corner has confetti that keeps falling (very colorful) and the top center column has falling silver stars. Isn't it amazing what you can do with HTML and CSS -- plus some web graphics? (I'm so glad I'm able to work with all three.) Plus several of the photos I used were my own!

I'm picky about it because (as I've said before), I'm living up to my OWN Gold-Award-standard (from 2008). My expectations are high, but that's a good thing.

The focus is partly on our night time parade here, which is why I used so much black and dark blue.

Anyway, I spent today focused on some website changes, emails I needed to get out and the eNewsletter. Tomorrow I'll go back to working on the parade script, plus focusing on the Home page of the website! I need to create a new Flash slideshow, for one thing...

We didn't go to the Pink Party tonight because we both had so much work to do. And we were tired enough after the stuff down at WFV. I hope it went well! (I heard the decorations were cool -- I hope they get lots of photos.)

I need a nap now big, bad time. My eyes are barely functioning at this point! Tomorrow is another busy day -- and we have the parade tomorrow night. The weather is FANTASTIC -- and the long range is for more of the same!

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