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Scripting Away (with Lineup Corrections Galore!).

I'm scripting away here, focusing on the Equestrian entries for 2009. I've found quite a few corrections for the parade lineup, which is a good thing as The Oregonian is going to print a re-do.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has always been VERY PICKY about using exact names for entries in the lineup, which I consider a good thing. That means the lineup is a reliable source for everyone when asked about how to refer to a given entry!

Anyway, it's slow going, but I'm sticking with it!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day here -- sunny with blue skies. I just let the cats out in the back yard so they can enjoy it. (Of course, I've had the back door open for them all morning, too.)

I just did the entry about Wagon Master Dee Douglas (of Merlin, Oregon), an amazing 86-year-old woman who is appearing in this year's parade. (She's riding, not driving the wagon this time around.)

The participation of people like Dee is one of the wonderful parts of what we do, by the way...

With Ashley's help, I finally sent out the photo of James, a guy who was in Pioneer Courthouse Square the day we did the trial run with our D.B. Cooper (and the queen). James asked if we'd take his photo, so I did. Then I gave him my card and told him to email me -- more than one time. What I didn't get was that James doesn't have email! So he ended up phoning the office and leaving a message on my extension with his full name and mailing address. Later he called again to 'check' and see if I was really going to send the photo! I guess he made TV at some point (they were filming the weather outside in square while we were there), because James got dinged by someone (???) for being there hanging out when he was supposed to be looking for work.

Yeah, it's a hard world for many -- but having a picture taken with the queen and D.B. brightened this man's life. And, again, that's such a good part of what we do!

I don't expect to hear back from him when he gets the photo, but I hope it makes him happy. He'd told his friends about it and was excited to share with them...

Back to work!

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