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Cell Phone Update...

So it looks like I'm going to get a Blackberry Curve 8900, rather than the Blackberry Storm I mentioned HERE.

There are several reasons, the main one being that I can get it TODAY (quickly) with my address book ported from my old phone -- which is ESSENTIAL for me. But Richard (at the Verizon store) told me on the phone that if I'd never had a Blackberry before (which I obviously haven't), this is the phone he'd recommend. And keeping in mind some of the negative things I read about the keyboard on the Storm, I think this is probably a good idea...

Well, the BAD news is that my sister Sue suzy_qp is tied up and can't take me to get the phone after all. So I guess I'll be pushing on with what I have, hoping it doesn't DIE entirely in the middle of some festival event.

I was so excited when I realized the Blackberry Curve 8900 was brand new (just released on May 22) and I was going to actually have it. And now I'm so disappointed that I won't.

I guess I'd better get my ass back to work and let it go.

Sometimes life sucks.

But in good news, I did get some kudos for the calendar I created for the website emergency yesterday.

And the weather remains lovely as can be!

Plus in three more days I'll have blogged every day for another month (May), which means I've done it for three months in a row. That's cool!

I can always make lemonade out of lemons, believe me.

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