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Toilet Paper Wars. (Or Should That Be 'Bathroom Tissue'?)

For the record, NO, I'm not drinking coffee out of Dad's old mug. It's way too small. I use my huge mugs purchased at Starbucks, that allow me to drink a 'bucket' of coffee at a time.

So... what's the deal with Charmin toilet paper? (And, yeah, they actually call it that! Northern still uses 'bath tissue.')

I decided I wanted to try their Ultra Strong product -- I get tired of paper residue left behind, even in the case of my favorite brand, Quilted Northern.

But the rolls are so SMALL!

They might say 'large' (they do), but I think they're TINY. Seriously.

Maybe Charmin doesn't know what the word large means...

They have a decent product that seems to manage to be both soft and tough, but I think for me the experiment has failed -- because frankly I can't afford to be putting up new rolls constantly!

We're living in a messed up world where products are smaller than they used to be, no matter how they're labeled. I feel cheated all the time, even by my favorite brands.

By the way, normally I stick to the brands I like and I don't waver and try others. But in light of this feeling that product manufacturers are trying to pull a 'fast one' with consumers, my feelings have changed. Lure me (with a 'stronger' toilet paper, for example), and I'm likely to give you a chance. But don't disappoint, or I'm spreading the word!

I constantly recommend Lexar for jump drives and Iomega for external hard drives. They never seem to disappoint. (Great products -- I have no complaints.) I still like Kleenex Lotion tissues and Sparkle paper towels. (Kleenex needs to get over the whole registered trade mark thing, however. And Sparkle towels need to ALWAYS tear along the perforation. Picky me.)

With me, I tell people about the products I like -- and those I don't like. And I know a lot of people. (Seriously.) I'm the type of person who sends letters and emails to companies to complain about my issues with a product, even when it's not all that convenient to do so.

Charmin? I used to play the 'love/hate' game about your TP more than a decade ago with family and friends. I was always a hater, to be honest (too soft!!!), but I'm all for that second chance. Looks like you've lost my vote yet again.

And I can't imagine you want someone running around saying that your 'large rolls' are tiny!

Has 'truth in advertising' become a myth? Apparently so.
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