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Yesterday? So Busy (and Exhausting).

We survived Memorial Day -- just barely, it seems. Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were exhausted.

My ankle was acting up again yesterday, which is no wonder considering how much walking I had to do prior to the March. Then the girls (Jana, Darcy and Julianne) and I joined the tail end of the March, with Ron following us in his car. I probably should have rode with him, stupid me.

The March went smoothly, stepping off EXACTLY at 1:30 (the scheduled time). I had to rearrange the lineup for a number of reasons, but I've never worked with more cooperative people in my history of managing parades! Not one person griped, which is just shocking, I have to tell you. I did countdowns starting right before our bugle 'Call to Assembly' (at 1:25), and every minute after that. I'd set my watch by government time close to the second, so I was pretty pleased by the timing. We had the colorful Patriot Guard Riders (on motorcycles, for those who don't know them) and the Portland Police Highland Guard pipe band (the best pipe band I've ever heard) and more. So I'm not complaining!

We had some 'no shows' for the March, though. I guess some were last minute cancels (hate those), and I've no clue about others. But we had a decent street crowd to view us who were very appreciative (they were even telling us 'thank you' for having the March), so I guess that's all that matters -- especially for a first-year event. We'll gain by next year from word-of-mouth. Plus one of the guys promised me a WWII tank (!!!) for next year, which would be so cool! (I loved the tank we had in our Centennial parade.) Ron was a HUGE help, driving people back and forth and all manner of things. (That guy. What would I do without him?)

The commemorative ceremony went really well, too. (Marilyn did her usual great job, no surprise.) Cool moments included the appearance of Abe Lincoln (a wonderful historical re-creator -- he was pretty impressive, I have to say) and our White House endorsed 'Moment of Remembrance' (that took place at 3:00 p.m.). During the 'Moment of Remembrance' (exactly 30 seconds in) we had a National Guard Jet Flyover! (If you've never been anywhere for a jet flyover, it's awesome. And timing them is a bear, so this was a total WIN for Marilyn!) After the moment of silence, we had a 21-gun salute -- with CANONS. Let's just say I had no idea how LOUD that would be! The canons were set up in the area directly behind our stage, and literally shook the ground and the air when they went off, one by one! It was incredible, a moment I'll never forget. The smoke was heavy and the sound amazing. Then the pipe band played a wonderful rendition of "Amazing Grace" (seriously the best I've ever heard) to wrap things up.

After the event ended, our friend Shari showed up (!!!), and she went with Marilyn and me into the park to check things out. Marilyn and I ate (Shari had eaten before coming downtown) and then the three of us went to the Amy Clawson concert that was part of the Memorial Day festivities. (Tony took me backstage to get a few shots, and I took photos of him. I'm planning to feature him in a future eNewsletter!)

Then Marilyn and I had to split to go to 'Float Maneuverability' over at Studio Concepts. (It's always held on Memorial Day.) After that, Marilyn had a meeting with Jeff and Carol in the office at 5:30 -- and I need to proof and correct the Starlight script! Fortunately, her meeting went long enough that I got most of the script done while she was in it. She was ready to leave when she got out, so I quickly finished up and we (finally) got to come home.

It's difficult to explain, but event days are hard, even when they go really well. The adrenaline is pumping and you have to be 'on' before and during (and have a hard time calming down again after). Plus our events are often physical. Marilyn walked all the way from the stage down to March formation and back again (!!!), and I walked all over formation and then did the March.

We stopped to do some shopping on the way home and got to the house around 7:30 p.m. Then we had some dinner and actually watched the movie "Hancock," before lying down for naps.

Marilyn is off to court judging this morning, and I'm going to actually start on the script, I think. (I need to check about eNewsletters/eBulletins, too -- but that's another story!) She's coming to pick me up after her luncheon (court again), so I can be in for my all-important PA Meeting this afternoon at 4:00. Hopefully we'll get to come home directly after that, as Marilyn has another really long day on Wednesday (tomorrow), with evening court judging (dinner).

This is INTERESTING starting a week early, to say the least! I wonder how hard it's going to be to stay up for things with all the added days? I guess we'll find out!

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