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I've tried over the last few years to remain as active as possible at suggestions. I feel it's important -- a sort of responsibility, as it were.

Naturally, it's always hard for me to 'keep up' there during this time of year. I just have so little free time, and it's frequently hard for me to even log in at LiveJournal, much less do much more than dash off an entry.

So I'm proud that I've been managing to do this. In fact, I have memories of other busy festival times when I've sat and commented to entries there, too.

Of course, Marilyn mistressmarilyn always says that the more you do, the more you can do. I've always believed she was right about that! (Look at all she can do in any given day. It boggles the mind!)

Well, I'm listening to Marilyn's #2 religious mix on iTunes (playing on her computer, so as not to slow down mine) while I work. She has some great songs, including Michael W. Smith's "A New Hallelujah" and "You Are Holy" and Chris Tomlin's "Holy is the Lord." This mix has a total of 16 songs. Her #1 playlist has Twila Paris, though, so it's very cool, too.

Well, I need to get back to work!

Tags: 2009, itunes, marilyn, may-2009, music, religion, suggestions

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